Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) for Public Safety Officers

MOAB® for public safety officers is designed for law enforcement, correctional and military police personnel. The MOAB®PS program was developed from the nationally recognized Management of Aggressive Behavior program created in 1984 by Roland Ouellette, President of MOAB® Training International, a training company with over 5000 clients engaged in state of the art programs in de-escalating conflict and managing aggression. MOAB® for public safety officers is a comprehensive program that teaches officers the principles, skills and techniques needed to recognize, reduce and manage violent and aggressive behavior.

This 4-hour Basic certification course combines lecture with individual and team building exercises related to situations encountered by officers on a daily basis, from talking to civilians, interview of a crime victim to the violent aggressor. The understanding and proper use of body language signals as well as verbalization skills often reduces anxiety, prevents escalation of conflict and physical aggression resulting from confrontation. MOAB® for public safety officers addresses key areas officers encounter during the initial stages of their response to an incident. Some of the areas covered in the program include:

Upon successful completion of the MOAB® for Public Safety Basic Certification course officers will be certified by MOAB® Training International, Inc. for 2-years. They will attain effective skills on how to calm people down, diffuse anxious or aggressive behavior, avoid violence, injuries, create confidence during threatening situations, access the ability to improve any situation and minimize or eliminate lawsuits.

MOAB® for Public Safety Officers Instructor Certification Course (MOAB®PSI)

This comprehensive 8-hour course provides instructors with all of the tools necessary to successfully train officers with strategies for identifying and managing verbal and non-verbal conflict. They will learn how to address a multitude of behaviors and stages of conflict with realistic and practical interventions.

Upon successfully completing the MOAB®PSI certification course each instructor will receive the following:

Note: The MOAB® for Public Safety Instructor certification course is restricted to individuals who are currently working or retired from a law enforcement, correctional or military police agency. Documentation is required.

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