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The PPBT® “Personal Protection Baton Tactics” program is a straight and expandable baton training program drawing information from a variety of baton and training resources. The concept of controlling individuals with police batons is not new.  Police batons of all varieties have been used for decades to control violent or resistive individuals. Proper training in the their use is essential to reduce injures to officers and suspects and to protect the officer and agency from frivolous litigation.  When used responsibly in accordance with agency policies and procedures and federal, state and local laws police batons are a viable control option.                           

Course Description

The PPBT® “Personal Protection Baton Tactics” program is designed for public safety officers who deal with conflict or potential violence. This includes corporate security, federal, state and local law enforcement organizations, contract security companies, academic or healthcare law-enforcement and security, corrections, military police, probation and parole, bail enforcement, and executive protection. 

Through a combination of Practical Exercises and Classroom instruction you will learn how to:

  • Identify the stages of conflict in order to: recognize the threat, reduce the threat, and determine how and when to use force.
  • Apply state-of-the-art tactical concepts such as: Proper Defensive Positions, Methods of Movement, Drawing Techniques, Baton Shielding, Baton Counter-Strikes, and Baton Retention. Avoid liability suits through: Certified training, understanding the effects of police batons, identifying factors which justify baton use, and proper baton incident documentation.
  • The PPBT® “Personal Protection Baton Tactics” training program is non-product specific straight and expandable baton training program.  Once trained and certified the officer and agency choose the brand and design of straight or expandable baton that fits their needs.  ***This course does not address the use of side-handle batons. 

Course Topics

  • History of the Police Baton
  • Baton Nomenclature
  • Resistance and Control Management 
  • Officer and Individual Factors/ Escalation Through the Levels of Control
  • Recognizing the Threat
  • Elements of Reporting Resistance and Control
  • Agency Policies and Procedures
  • Reasonable Target Selection
  • Target Areas
  • Principles of Balance, Movement, Center and Reaction Time
  • Relative Positioning
  • Science of Energy and Motion
  • Three Ranges of Physical Defense
  • Angles of Attack and Defense
  • Baton Grips and Ready Postitions
  • Baton Drawing Techniques
  • Baton Counter-Strikes
  • Baton Shielding
  • Baton Retention
  • Methods of Instruction (Instructor Course)


Certification Levels

  • 8- hour PPBT® “Personal Protection Baton Tactics” In-House Instructor Course-Valid for 4 years
  • 4- hour PPBT® “Personal Protection Baton Tactics” Basic Course- Valid for up to 3 years


In-House Instructor Course

The most cost effective way to ensure that your officers are trained in the proper use of police batons is by having an In-House Instructor.  A one-day In-House Instructor Course is available from PPC, Inc. to certify qualified public and private law enforcement personnel in the proper use of police batons. Upon completion of the 8-hour In-House Instructor course an officer will be authorized to certify their officers in the 4-hour Basic Course.

In-House Instructor Support Program

Included in the original certification fee is a one year enrollment in the Instructor Authorization and Support Program. Subsequent years are billed annually at $55. This nominal support fee covers costs associated with maintaining a professional support system.

Benefits include:

  • Recognition of Basic Course training you conduct for your staff.
  • Maintenance and recognition of Basic Course student records.
  • Access to the MEMBERS area of the PPC, Inc. website.
  • Ability to enter your class rosters under your MEMBER Profile.
  • Basic Course certification wallet cards and certificates generated by the website after your class roster is entered and validated.  
  • Maintenance of your instructor course records, including certification and re-certification.
  • Access to your instructor wallet card and certificate under your MEMBER profile.
  • Access to manual updates and course paperwork under your MEMBER profile.  
  • Day-to-day technical support.
  • Information on agency, technical, and laboratory studies involving Baton products.
  • Access to professional training videos to assist you when teaching the PPBT® Basic course available under your MEMBER profile.



Course Pricing and Training Options

  • Open Enrollment 8-hour In-House Instructor Courses- $299 per person
  • On-Site 8-hour In-House Instructor Courses- Starting at $350 per person (minumum of 10) plus expenses

Certified In-House Instructors may not engage in the business of charging fees in exchange for training and/or certifying individuals in PPC, Inc. programs without the prior authorization of PPC, Inc.  If you are considering a PPC, Inc. training program and it is not be offered directly from PPC, Inc. please contact our office to verify the validity of the Instructor or company offering the training.  We will be happy to assist you.  

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Personal Protection Consultants, Inc. does not guarantee the suitability of this training program for any individual or agency. Individuals and agencies must decide if this training program meets their needs before implementation. Certification in this training program does not license an individual to carry or use police batons.  It is the responsibility of the individual student and agency to research the legal requirements in his/her jurisdiction before attending or implementing this training program.  The information contained within this training program may only be used by public and private law-enforcement officers while in the performance of official duties. Any unauthorized, illegal or unethical use of the information in this training program is prohibited. Although every effort has been made for this training course, manual, and related materials to be complete and accurate, it is impossible to predict, discuss or plan for every circumstance or situation which might arise in the course of training, or when encountering a resistive or aggressive individual. Each trainee assumes the risk of loss, injury, and damages associated with this training and use of the information obtained through this program. Therefore, the trainee must always take into consideration the trainee’s experience, physical abilities, professional responsibilities, agency procedures, legal requirements and the recommendations and techniques contained in this training course, manual, and related materials, before deciding which techniques should be used and under what circumstances. PERSONAL PROTECTION CONSULTANTS, INC. CANNOT GUARANTEE OR WARRANT THE TRAINING, MANUALS OR RELATED MATERIALS. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE EXPRESSLY DISAVOWED.